Summer Internship Program (Remote)
Job Description:

About Us

Mindstorm Studios designs, develops, and markets some of the top games and interactive entertainment in the world today. That's the mission our founders began with back in 2006 and we continue to uphold and bring the highest quality products to market.

Mindstorm is partnered with Lion Studios, one of the world’s leading mobile games publishers, and we are headquartered in San Francisco with development in Lahore. Our products have been downloaded over 100 million times globally with #1 worldwide chart toppers like Super Salon, Flick Pool, and Alliance Wars.

What are we offering?

  • Internship leading to a job
  • Mentoring from a team that has built multiple #1 games on Appstore
  • A comprehensive end to end training program on game design, programming, art, and interpersonal skills, where you will be trained by the best in the industry
  • Monthly Stipend of 20,101/- PKR
  • Lifetime fraternity membership of Mindstorm Studios for future professional guidance
  • Opportunity to build games that will be published by Mindstorm Studios


We are looking for constant learners, humble, playful and action biased fresh graduates and senior year students with the interest in programming, art, and game design to join our Summer Internship Program 2021. 

This is an excellent opportunity for those who have passion for games and want to learn how awesome games are built. Selected interns will be playing a lot of mobile games and will work with our rockstar team that has established itself as the best performing game development team in the country. 

What will you be doing?

For All Selected Interns:

  • Become part of a hands-on and multifaceted training program that will walk you through the ins and out of gaming industry and game design
  • Coming up with game ideas
  • Working with a pro team on game designs
  • Develop games out of these ideas
  • Aim for the Mindstorm Rookie Of The Year Award

For Programmers:

Writing code that meets following criteria

  • 80% code readability (you will write readable comments, following standards and nomenclature in your code)
  • Code Reusability: ship-able to other projects with less than 5% change
  • Performance: Script execution time per frame under 2ms to meet playable 60FPS requirement
  • Quality: 15 Bugs per 1,000 Lines-Of-Code

For Artist:

  • Work on Idea visualization (an idea a week)
  • Producing 2D/3D art for the games
  • Creating illustrations and making/customizing characters
  • Working on UI/UX of the games.

For Game Designer:

  • Writing idea specifications (an idea per week)
  • Producing game design documents (3 designs during the internship)
  • Driving game production (3 games during the internship

Due to limited seats available in Internship program, the candidates who cannot make it, can opt for our Fellowship Program.

Mindstorm Labs Fellowship Program is the biggest training program in Pakistan's gaming industry and offers high-quality training, exposure, professional mentoring and networking opportunities. The program is completely free. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion alongside the opportunity to win Swag and prize money.

Find out more about our programs by clicking below links:
Internship: https://labs.mindstormstudios....
Fellowship: https://labs.mindstormstudios....

Disclaimer: Mindstorm Studios is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all interns. All aspects of internship including the decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge, will be based on merit, competence, & performance.

Candidate Qualification:

What are we looking for?
- Junior and senior year students from an undergrad program in a university
- Hardworking and driven individuals who are looking to put their blood, sweat, and tears into games
- Rapid learners who are eager to work in a very dynamic and fast paced environment
- Above all people who are passionate about games

Candidate Experience:

Desired passions to make you successful in the program:
- A passion for gaming and for making games, playing current titles and keeping abreast of industry trends
- High emotional IQ for effective cross-team communication
- Measurable self-organization skills
- Ability to take feedback as a gift and to act on it.
- Eagerness to collaborate in an open team environment
- A positive attitude and a commitment to bringing fresh ideas to the table
- Excellent work ethics with diligence in time keeping and focused attention to detail
- No fear of failure

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Number of Positions:
Salary Range:
20,101 - 20,101